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The Kaercher FP 303 is a complete solution for the professional cleaning and care of hard floors: Floor polisher, high quality polishing pads and different floor care products- for each flooring the perfect combination. With its high quality standards, ergonomic handling and comfort the FP 303 executes highest expectations of operator convenience. In conclusion you attain a perfect polishing result. Exhausting polishing is past with the FP 303. Polishing becomes easy now: The multifunctional FP 303 achieves optimal polishing results on different floorings like parquet, laminate, PVC, cork or linoleum. To start the work process, you simply have to unlock the tube by switching it. Annoying bending down belongs to the past. The optimized weight and pad rotation speed achieves a perfect polishing result. The simple handling offers a lot of practical details. For example with the triangle you can even reach angles. The low height of the polishing head enables polishing underneath low furniture. The ergonomic hand grip enables a comfortable, force-saving handling. With the suction function polishing residues are sucked in easily. The cable can be tightly preserved in the cable storage. The FP 303 contains a high quality textile bag for filter bags. The polishing pads can be simultaneously preserved in the accessory storage. The FP 303 can be easily transported on its rolls. With the polishing the floors get optimal care and become more resistant against all sorts of erosion like humidity and dirt. In addition, there is the optical aspect- everything sparkles and the colours brighten. The floor caring products contain for example waxes, which get concentrated by the high speed of the rotating pads and become a consistent surface. The result is a brightness effect and the floor gets more resistant. Polishing provides an optimal care and maintenance for the floor and makes it more resistant against abrasion or other external impacts as for example humidity or dirt. The floor will remain clean for a longer time and the cleaning intervals can be extended. In addition, there is the visual aspect: the floor will get a semi-gloss finish and the colour of the floor will get more intensive. The floor care products contain different care ingredients, e.g. waxes. Due to the high pad rotation of the floor polisher, the care product gets compressed to the floor and builds a smooth surface. The visible result is a brilliant polish and the floor will be more resistant than before the polishing. The FP 303 is suitable for the optimal care and conservation of value of all sorts of hard floors like parquet, laminate, PVC, cork different stone floors and linoleum. Optimized weight and high rotation pad speed guarantee a perfect polishing result. Low height of polishing head for polishing underneath low furniture. The new ergonomic hand grip enables a new comfortable handling by its optimized geometry. Special polishing pads achieve optimal brightness High quality textile bag inclusive separate accesory storage The textile bag contains a filter bag and offers the possibility for a space-saving storage of the polishing pads in the accessory storage With the suction function polishing residues are sucked in easily Pedal button to unlock the tube The FP 303 can be simply put on or off by moving the hand grip after unlocking it with the pedal button. Cable storage for easy cable storage Transport rolls with the easy-going rolls the FP 303 can be transported without any effort.

Caratteristiche articolo

Caratteristiche Kärcher FP 303. Colore del prodotto: Nero, Giallo, Velocità motore: 1000 Giri/min, Capacità del contenitore: 4 L. Potenza: 600 W. Larghezza: 339 mm, Profondità: 385 mm, Altezza: 1162 mm. Alimentazione: 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz

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GTIN 4039784195769

Data di pubblicazione 23.04.2010

Dimensioni 1162 x 339 x 385  mm

Peso prodotto 6600 g

Colore Nero, Giallo

Codice articolo 1.056-820.0

Kärcher FP 303

€ 207,05

Venditore: Dodax EU

Data di consegna: tra venerdì 22 novembre e martedì 26 novembre

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€ 207,05
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