From the Forgotten Pages of Polish Chamber Music 1

di Dobrzynski
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Dobrzynski  From the Forgotten Pages of Polish Chamber Music 1
Dobrzynski  - From the Forgotten Pages of Polish Chamber Music 1

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For years chamber music of Polish composers born in the first decades of the 19th century has been considered almost forgotten. Apart from Fryderyk Chopin's works, and recently also by Józef Nowakowski and Stanislaw Moniuszko, the output of many representatives of Polish Romanticism is known mainly from textbooks on the history of music, scientific articles, and encyclopedic entries. This album features three pieces that undoubtedly deserve an artistic renaissance and greater presence in the programs of philharmonics and concert halls. Following the history of music, it is easy to find profiles of artists whose works were appreciated only just many years after their death. At this point it is worth mentioning, e.g. Johann Sebastian Bach and Franz Schubert, today perceived as one of the greatest - in relation to all eras. Unfortunately, the output of Karol Katski suffered an entirely opposite fate. The composer (born in 1813 in Krakow) established himself as a talented instrumentalist at an early age, performing in 1822 in the Knotz concert hall. In later years, the artist would successfully and regularly perform as a violinist, often in a duo with his talented brothers Antoni and Apolinary (he taught the latter for some time). After moving to Paris, Karol Katski's concert activity remained in the shadow of the fame of the younger brother, Apolinary. In the end of the 1830s, the artist devoted himself almost entirely to composing. He died in 1867 in Paris. His oeuvre includes a number of pieces, mainly chamber works.

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Polish Piano Trio
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