Orchids as Aphrodisiac, Medicine or Food

di Eng Soon Teoh
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Eng Soon Teoh Orchids as Aphrodisiac, Medicine or Food
Eng Soon Teoh - Orchids as Aphrodisiac, Medicine or Food

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Did you know that Vanilla was formerly served as aphrodisiac by Cassanova and Madam Pompadour, and Elizabeth I loved its flavor?

This is the first book that provides a complete worldwide coverage of orchids being employed as aphrodisiacs, medicine or charms and food. Opening with an in-depth historical account of orchids (orchis Greek testicle), the author describes how the Theory of Signatures influenced ancient herbalists to regard terrestrial orchid tubers as aphrodisiacs. Doctors and apothecaries promoted it during the Renaissance. Usage of orchids in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurvedic Medicine; by Tibetan yogins and Amchi healers for longevity pills, tonics and aphrodisiacs; by Africans to prepare 'health promoting' chikanda  or as survival food when lost in the Australian bush are some highlights of the book. Early settlers in America  and the East Indies often relied on native remedies and employment of orchids for such needs is described.  Also covered are the search for medicinal compounds by scientists, attempts to prove the orchid's efficacy by experiment and the worry of conservationists. 


Eng Soon Teoh

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Illustrations Note:
XIII, 376 p. 429 illus., 394 illus. in color.


Introduction: Orchids as Medicine: a historical overview

1.       An Ancient Fantasy

2.       Foremost among medicinal orchids: Tianma (Gastrodia elata)

3.       Dwelling on Rocks (medicinal Dendrobium)

4.       Modern medicine finds new uses for an ancient herb

5.       Spiritual Tibetan Medicine

6.       The Story of Vanilla

7.       Modern Treasure Hunters

8.       Medicinal Orchids of Central America

9.       Medicinal Orchids of South America

10.   Medicinal Orchid Usage by North American Indians

11.   India: van Rheede, Caius and others

12.   Medicinal Orchids of Nepal and Bhutan

13.   Medicinal Orchids of Thailand and Myanmar

14.   In the Malay Archipelago

15.   Australian Orchids as Food and Medicine

16.   Orchids as Food, Medicine or Charms in Rural Africa

17.   The Challenge: Orchid Conservation



Unique book on the topics, first of its kind

Comprehensive world-wide coverage of orchids and their utilization

Beautifully illustrated with more than 330 woodblocks, paintings and photographs

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Copertina morbida
Springer International Publishing
Formerly a prize-winning author of scientific papers, Dr. Eng Soon Teoh, MD, FRCOG, FACS, has done equally well with his books for the general readership. He has been involved with orchids for over 50 years and is a past-president of the Orchid Society of South East Asia, Dr. Teoh spent many years doing laboratory research in London, Uppsala (Sweden), Miami and Singapore, places that gave him the opportunity to study orchids.
He is author of a dozen books on orchids, lotus, medical topics, etc.

 " .. an astonishing book for its encyclopaedic coverage of the use of orchids in Asian herbal medicine. … it should remain the standard reference book on the subject for decades."

Review of Eng Soon Teoh’s Medicinal Orchids of Asia (2016) by Henry Oakeley


"This is an excellent, properly referenced, scholarly, richly illustrated, beautiful, well-written, and enjoyable book, which should be of value and interest to orchid growers, medical scientists, and botanists in general." (Joseph Arditti, Plant Science Bulletin, Vol. 66 (1), 2020)

1st ed. 2019
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