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Jacques, Juliet ISBN Trans
Jacques, Juliet - ISBN Trans

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Extraordinary memoir of transition and transgender politics and culture. The author underwent reassignment surgery in 2012, a process she chronicled in unflinching honesty in her column "A Transgender Journey" in the "Guardian".


Jacques, Juliet

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"Powerful and engaging ... it's hard not to see [Jacques] as anything other than brave, even as she pushes readers to recognize that what is revolutionary is the very ordinariness of her day-to-day life."
- New York Times

"Brave and moving, Trans is necessary reading for anyone who cares about gender, power, freedom and desire. Juliet Jacques deals with the forces of cruelty and ignorance with a hard-won clarity and calm. A vital voice in our turbulent times."
-Olivia Laing, author of The Trip to Echo Spring

" Trans is a marvelously nuanced journey through gender, brilliantly contextualized in the disparate worlds of pop culture, football, mass media, and the NHS. This is a terrific read by an accomplished author."
-Kate Bornstein, author of A Queer and Pleasant Danger

"Understated and urgent, Jacques comes across as a woman carrying an ambiguity she doesn't seem to want or feel able fully to shed ... She confounds the distinction, not just between male and female, but also between the emotional atmospheres which the various trans identities are meant-'instructed' may be the right word-to personify."
-Jacqueline Rose, London Review of Books

"[Jacques's] storytelling is clear-eyed and evocative."
-Cat Fitzpatrick, Lambda Literary Review

" Trans challenges us all, no matter what our gender or sexuality. Ultimately, it makes us look at our selves, and wonder what price we pay for the identities we assume, or which we have thrust upon us."
-Philip Hoare, New Statesman

" I Am Cait for the literary set. Jacques lays her transitioning experience bare-hormones and surgery and all."
- New York Magazine

"Juliet Jacques has a funny, ruthlessly honest voice that readers will dig."
-Susie Rodarme, Book Riot

"An honest, articulate account of one life so far."
-Stephen Burt, Guardian

"Brutally honest and funny."
- Marie Claire

" Trans broadens the growing genre of trans literature in its portrayal of medical and social transition as a means of achieving personal congruity rather than ostensible womanhood. This makes it an important contribution to transgender literature ... Where Trans breaks new ground is in the complexity of its narrator and her willingness to take a brutally honest look at her motives and attitudes throughout the process."
- Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review

" Trans is about what it's like to be an outsider, about the difficult interplay between gender variance and social acceptance ... In making herself vulnerable, Jacques shows how likeable she is. At the end of the book I wanted to be her friend, and you will too."
- New Humanist

"A lyrical exploration of [Jacques's] gender journey ... Thoughtful and intimate, it's a fine successor to books such as Jan Morris's Conundrum ."
- Guardian ("Best Politics Books of the Year")

"As dedicated to educating the ignorant public as Jacques is, she's also committed to a narrative that nurtures people who share her experiences, and her writing is free of sanitized, after-school-special, feel-good endings ... A hybrid memoir that offers alternative conversations to disarm and dismantle a hostile, antagonistic, and often violent cultural climate towards transgender individuals."
-Vanessa Willoughby, Mask Magazine

"Jacques is trapped in the wrong narrative, and Trans offers the possibility of a more complete one, with a holistic personal story that does not reject pre-transition identity, and an understanding that gender lies on a continuum ... the most sublime moments in Trans come when Jacques shares with us a vision she has gained-and often these are hard-won-into what it means to have a unified self, whether it's when she receives recognition from her parents for her success, has a great day on the soccer field, or simply feels good in her skin."
-Amanda DeMarco, Flavorwire

"[Jacques] has a Proustian rhythm and pace. Her evenness of voice, when discussing personal and emotional detail of the very intense and
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Paperback book
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15 gennaio 2016
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0.198 x 0.129 x 0.022 m; 0.32 kg
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