Measuring Biological Impacts of Nanomaterials

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Springer International Publishing Measuring Biological Impacts of Nanomaterials
Springer International Publishing - Measuring Biological Impacts of Nanomaterials

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This book reviews several aspects of the biological response to nanoscale particles on a molecular and cellular level. Nanoscale materials and nanoscale particles in particular have interesting properties and beneficial applications. While they thus have entered our daily lifes on many different levels (from electronics, over textiles, packaging or surface modifications, to biomedical applications), general rules describing their interaction with biological structures and biological matter are still difficult to derive. The existing literature suggests a variety of interaction schemes between nanoparticles and biological objects, not dispelling the public concerns about possible health effects and harmful properties. A systematic approach to the problem is needed and timely.

This book specifically emphasizes bioanalytical problems starting from the characterization of the nanomaterials to the pitfalls and potential artifacts of state-of-the-art cytotoxicity assays that are frequently used to study harmful effects on cells. It also highlights the application of label-free bioanalytical techniques that can potentially complement the present approaches and hence provide new perspectives on this highly discussed cutting-edge field of research and public concern.

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IX, 214 p. 100 illus., 56 illus. in color.
Standardized Physical Characterization of Nanoscale Particles: Towards a Bar Code for Nanomaterials.- Bioanalytical Aspects for the detection of nanoparticle effects on cells.- Interactions of Nanoscale Particles with the Air-Water Interface: Implications for Lung Effects of Nanomaterials.- Carbon Dots: Synthesis, Characterization and Bioanalytical Applications.- Changes in Motility of Cultured Cells caused by Nanoparticle Encounter.- Cellular Response to Nano- and Mesoscale Particles probed by Label-free Detection Techniques.
Wegener, Joachim;Wegener
Reviews the interaction of nanoscale particles with biological matter

Discusses the biological response to nanoscale particles on a molecular and cellular level

Highlights the application of label-free techniques

Includes supplementary material:

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Springer International Publishing
"I want to stress in clarity of the text, each chapter having also a generous and useful bibliography. The book is also wel illustrated, having 100 illustrations from which 56 are in colour. The index contains useful terms, being a true tool for the reader. ... This book is a useful tool for students as well as for already mature professionals in the field of nanotechnology, medicine, biology in general." (Ioan I. Ardelean, Romanian Journal of Biology, Vol. 63 (1-2), 2018)

"The book 'Measuring Biological Impacts of Nanomaterials' is a very good guide-book for readers interested in recent advances in biomedical nanotechnology research. ... The book provides excellent overview of our knowledge on modern scientific techniques and model systems for studying impact of nanomaterials as drug delivery vehicles in biomedicine which is essential for application of nanoparticle targeted therapy in the near future." (Andrea Babelova, Neoplasma, Vol. 64 (1), 2017)

1st ed. 2016
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