German Secrets - Achtung to Zeitgeist

di Paul Smith
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Paul Smith German Secrets - Achtung to Zeitgeist
Paul Smith - German Secrets - Achtung to Zeitgeist

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Be warned! This is not a travel guide. Nor is it a cross-cultural manual for business people. And it is certainly not a deep, psychological treatise on the German psyche.
But have you ever wondered why the Bavarians drink beer at breakfast, or why the car is the ultimate German status symbol?
Why do Germans smile when asked "Same procedure?" and how can you learn to speak fluent German, instantly?
This book gives the answers, and reveals a multitude of other secrets for all those wanting to better understand what makes Germans tick.


Paul Smith
Ken Taylor

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Ken Taylor ist Archäologe und bekannt für seine Arbeiten über antike Bauwerke, himmlische Ereignisse und deren mythologischen Hintergrund.
Achtung ! (p. 10)
Thanks to Hollywood films, comic strips, and the Rock Band U2, the German word "Achtung !" is now firmly embedded in the English language. And what a useful, life-saving word it can be. So much more concise and precise than its English cousins "Watch out !", "Be careful !" or "Pay heed, kind Sir !" If a light-flashing Porsche is bearing down on you at 240 kph, you don't want to mess around with unnecessary syllables. Of course, we do use the word "attention" but never in the context of giving a warning or caution.
The following wordplay joke, originally broadcast on BBC Radio 4, has even been known to raise a smile in Germany. Tell it carefully: A German farmer walks across a field, slips over in the mud, and falls face down into a cow pat. Rising to his feet, the only thing he can say is "Ach ! Dung !"
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Living and working in Germany has been pleasurable and rewarding. We've met a great many interesting and friendly people. We've learnt a lot from them. And this is our "British" way of repaying this friendship and hospitality.
"German Secrets" is not intended as an academic dissection of Germany and the Germans, there are enough of those. On the contrary, this book is meant to be an affectionate and fun kaleidoscope of some of our impressions, and also an opportunity for Germans to talk about Germans.
The book is divided into two sections:
Part 1: Various impressions, presented alphabetically and in no order of importance. Dip in anywhere !
Part 2: A summary of "The Real Truth about The Germans", an online survey carried out on One-Word-A-Day ( ), a free English vocabulary learning service. The survey addresses the question: "Do the Germans see themselves as others see them?" and provides some interesting answers. An old and rather tired joke starts with the question "Where would we be without a sense of humour?" the answer is "Somewhere in Germany !" We have a problem with this stereotype - we've had more fun in Germany than in many other countries. This book is the result of our 30 year joint venture with thousands of Germans - friends, colleagues, and business partners.
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