Plant Ecology in China

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Springer Netherland Plant Ecology in China
Springer Netherland - Plant Ecology in China

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This volume presents a compilation of 16 new articles on plant ecological research in China concurrently published in 2010 in a special issue of the journal, Plant Ecology. The volume provides an introduction to plant ecology in China, identifying recent trends in research and numbers of publications in English language outlets, and a bibliography of articles published in Plant Ecology since 1997. This volume highlights how the internationalization of science is now providing the non-chinese research community with detailed information on pure and applied research in China spanning all areas of plant ecology.

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Plant ecology in China; N.J. Enright, K.-F. Cao.- Plant species composition in green spaces within the built-up areas of Beijing, China; J. Zhao et al.- The dynamics of ecosystem restoration: theoretical considerations on the basis of species richness; Z. Wang.- Population variation of invasive Spartina alterniflora can differentiate bacterial diversity in its rhizospere; M. Nie et al.- The reproductive success of Ficus altissima and its pollinator in a strongly seasonal environment: Xishuangbanna, Southwestern China; Y.-Q. Peng et al.- The effects of dispersal limitation and topographic heterogeneity on beta diversity and phylobetadiversity in a subtropical forest; Y. Bin et al.- Effects of litter quality and climate change along an elevation gradient on litter mass loss in an alpine meadow ecosystem on the Tibetan plateau; G. Xu et al.- Conversion of secondary broadleaved forest into Chinese fir plantation alters litter production and potential nutrient returns; Q. Wang et al.- Responses of saltcedar (Tamarix chinensis) to water table depth and soil salinity in the Yellow River Delta, China; B. Cui et al.- Large acorns benefit seedling recruitment by satiating weevil larvae in Quercus aliena; X.F. Yi, Y.Q. Yang.- Flower heliotropism of Anemone rivularis (Ranunculaceae) in the Himalayas: effects on floral temperature and reproductive fitness; S. Zhang et al.- Moss is a key nurse plant for reintroduction of the endangered herb, Primulina tabacum Hance; H. Ren et al.- Trade-offs between flowering time, plant height, and seed size within and across 11 communities of a QingHai-Tibetan flora; G. Du, W. Qi.- The response of ecosystem CO2 exchange to small precipitation pulses over a temperature steppe; Y. Hao et al.- Application of geographically weighted regression in estimating the effect of climate and site conditions on vegetation distribution in Haihe Catchment, China; N. Zhao et al.- Nutlet dimorphism in individual flowers of two cold desert annual Lappula species (Boraginaceae): implications for escape by offspring in time and space; W.B. Ma et al.- Response of leaf anatomy of Chenopodium acuminatum to soil resource availability in a semi-arid grassland; F.-S. Chen et al.
Cao, Kun-Fang;Cao
Enright, Neal J;Enright
A unique volume detailing plant ecological research in China, a previously under-known region, now available to the English-speaking world Contains a useful reference bibliography of English language studies on plant ecology in China published over the past decade Will encourage Chinese research contributions to Springer journals and other forms of publication

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As a compilation of 16 Plant Ecology journal articles on relevant research in China, this thorough introduction to the subject also examines recent trends in research. It highlights how the internationalization of science is benefiting non-Chinese ecologists.

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