Trump 101 - The Way to Success

di Donald J. Trump
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Donald J. Trump Trump 101 - The Way to Success
Donald J. Trump - Trump 101 - The Way to Success

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"Don't Waste Your Life on Work You Don't Love; Passion Will Help You Do Better."
"I've known people who had fantastic ideas, but couldn't get them off the ground because they approached everything weakly. They thought that their ideas would somehow take off by themselves, or that just coming up with an idea was enough. Let me tell you something-it's not enough. It will never be enough. You have to put the idea into action. If you don't have the motivation, and enthusiasm, your great idea will simply sit on top of your desk or inside your head and go nowhere. Lack of passion is often the difference between failure and success."
-From Trump 101


Donald J. Trump
Meredith McIver

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Illustrations Note:
Foreword by Michael Sexton, President, Trump University.



Chapter 1. Don't Waste Your Life On Work You Don't Love: Passion Will Help You Do Better.

Chapter 2. Set the Bar High: Make People OoH and Aah.

Chapter 3. Think Trump Scale: Bigger Is Better.

Chapter 4. Tough It Out: Be Persistent.

A Very Special Week (Plus) in My Life (Monday).

Chapter 5. Without Knowledge, You Don't Stand a Chance: Gain and Use Information to Your Advantage.

Chapter 6. You're Fired! Words No One Wants To Hear-Or Say.

Chapter 7. The Proof Is In the Doing: Learn By Doing and Taking Risks.

Chapter 8. Your Gut Is Your Best Advisor: Listen to Your Instincts.

A Very Special Week (Plus) In My Life (Tuesday).

Chapter 9. Personalize Your Pitch: Know Who you're Addressing.

Chapter 10. Surround Yourself with beauty: Enhance Every Aspect of Your Life.

Chapter 11. Negotiate to Win: Use Diplomacy.

Chapter 12. Think on Your Feet: It's The Fast Track to Success.

A Very Special Week (Plus) In My Life (Wednesday).

Chapter 13. Work with People You Like: It Sure beats Working with Enemies.

Chapter 14. Where There's A Will, There's a Win: Think Positively.

Chapter 15. Swim Against the Tides: the Comfort Zone Can Pull You Under.

Chapter 16. Money Is Not Always the Bottom Line: It can be A Scorecard, Not the Final Score.

A Very Special Week (Plus) In My Life (Thursday).

Chapter 17. Learning Is Exciting: Each New Project Is An Adventure.

Chapter 18. See the Whole Picture: Put Be Prepared for the Picture to Change.

Chapter 19. Wait for the Right Pitch: Business Success Is All About Patience and Timing.

Chapter 20. Avoid Fixed Patterns: Be Open and Flexible.

A Very Special Week (Plus) In My Life (Friday).

Chapter 21. Speed Kills-The Competition: get Right to the Point.

Chapter 22. Do More-Always Do More: Constantly Try to Top Yourself.

Chapter 23. Leaders St the Pace: Fin Your Working Tempo.

Chapter 24. Results Matter More Than Routes: Let People Follow Their Own Paths.

A very Special Week (Plus) In My Life (Saturday/Sunday).

Chapter 25. Approach your Work As An Art Form: Work Brilliantly.

Chapter 26. Keep Your Mind In the Game: Pay Attention and Stay Focused.

Chapter 27. It Takes Courage to Persist: business Pressures Never Stop.

Chapter 28. Join the Explorers' Club: Learn About the Mysteries of Life.

A Very Special Week (Plus) In My Life: A New Baby! (Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday).

Chapter 29. Confidence Is a Magnet: It Will Draw People to You.

Chapter 30. Keep Your Momentum Rolling: But Never Lose control.

Chapter 31. Is the Problem a blip or A Catastrophe? Expect Problems and Keep Moving Forward.

Chapter 32. Reach Within to Rise Above: But Temper Your reach with Reality.

Chapter 33. Concentrate on the Target, Not on the Weapon: Focus on What Matters Most.

Appendix A: The Trump Organization At A Glance.

Appendix B: The Trump Store.

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John Wiley & Sons
Donald J. Trump is Chairman & President of The Trump Organization and Chairman of Trump University. The world's most famous real estate investor and a bestselling author, he is the archetypal businessman, a dealmaker without peer, and an ardent philanthropist. He has continually set new standards of excellence while expanding his interests in real estate, world-class hotels, gaming, sports, and entertainment.
Read this Do say: "Show me the money." Don t say: "You re fired." ( The Guardian, December 2006)
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In Trump 101, Trump himself becomes your personal mentor and coach as he shares tips, tactics, and strategies, all designed to help you make the most of yourself, your career, and your life. Each chapter covers a basic rule or belief, and shows you how to make it work for you.

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