Minds, Models and Milieux - Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon

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Palgrave Macmillan UK Minds, Models and Milieux - Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon
Palgrave Macmillan UK - Minds, Models and Milieux - Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon

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This book is a collection of specially-commissioned chapters from philosophers, economists, political and behavioral economists, cognitive and organizational psychologists, computer scientists, sociologists and permutations thereof as befits the polymathic subject of this book: Herbert Simon. The tripartite of the title, Minds, Models and Milieux, connotes the three inextricably linked areas to which Herbert Simon made the most distinguished of contributions. 'Minds' connotes Simon's abiding interest in theorizing human behavior, rationality, and decision-making; 'Models' connotes his extensive computer simulation work in the service of his interest in understanding minds, but also in the service of minds that are situated in a complex social 'Milieux'.
This collection while intended to commemorate the centenary of Simon's birth simultaneously offers a timely reassessment of some of his central insights and illustrates the exponentially growing interest in Simon's work from beyond the usual disciplines and constituencies.

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XXI, 310 p.
Table of Contents
List of Figures and Tables
Foreword by Katherine Simon Frank
List of Contributors
Notes on Contributors
1. Herbert Simon – a Hedgehog and a Fox; Roger Frantz and Leslie Marsh
2. Embodied Functionalism and Inner Complexity: Simon's 21st-Century Mind; Robert Rupert
3. Towards a Rational Theory of Heuristics; Gerd Gigerenzer
4. From The Sciences of the Artificial to Cognitive History; Subrata Dasgupta
5. Rationality and the True Human Condition; Ron Sun
6. Boundedly Rational Decision-Making under Certainty and Uncertainty: Some Reflections on Herbert Simon; Mark Pingle
7. Herbert Simon and Agent-Based Computational Economics; Shu-Heng Chen and Ying-Fang Kao
8. Simon's (Lost?) Legacy in Agent-Based Computational Economics; Marco Castellani and Marco Novarese
9. From Bounded Rationality to Expertise; Fernand Gobet
10. Multiple Equilibria, Bounded Rationality, and the Indeterminacy of Economic Outcomes: Closing the System with Institutional Parameters; Morris Altman
11. Organizational decisions in the lab: the long road from the Art to the Science of organization; Massimo Egidi
12. Simon on Social Identification: Two Connections with Bounded Rationality; Rouslan Koumakhov
13. Models of Environment; Marcin Mi?kowski
14. Bounded Rationality and Social Relationships in Simon's Perspective; Stefano Fiori
15. Bounded Rationality in the Digital Age; Peter Earl
16. Herbert Simon and Some Unresolved Tensions in Professional Schools; Mie Augier and Bhavna Hariharan
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Frantz, Roger;Frantz
Marsh, Leslie;Marsh
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Palgrave Macmillan UK
Roger Frantz is Professor of Economics at San Diego State University, USA. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics. His books include the co-edited Friedrich Hayek and Behavioral Economics (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012), Renaissance in Behavioral Economics: Essays in Honor of Harvey Leibenstein (2007), Two Minds: Intuition and Analysis in the History of Economic Thought (2005), and X-Efficiency: Theory, Evidence, and Applications (1988).
Leslie Marsh is Senior Researcher in the Faculty of Medicine at The University of British Columbia, Canada. His books include Propriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), A Companion to Michael Oakeshott (2012), and Hayek in Mind: Hayek's Philosophical Psychology (2011). He is the prime mover behind the setting up of EPISTEME: Journal of Individual and Social Epistemology, Cosmos + Taxis: Studies in Emergent Order and Organization and the Michael Oakeshott Association.
1st ed. 2016
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