The Black Marble Griffon

di Farnsworth, E. W.
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Farnsworth, E. W. The Black Marble Griffon
Farnsworth, E. W. - The Black Marble Griffon

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The Black Marble Griffon & Other Disturbing Tales features short stories of good old fashioned, blood-curdling horror. Two prize winning shorts are included in this volume, The Wasps, and Helen Screaming.
Some of the other short stories include: The Cold Ghost Tentacles, which posits a solution to the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster; The Zombie Tontine, wherein an insurance investigator becomes involved in a zombie plot in Haiti; and The Creature from the Black Stone Reservoir, about a Grendel-like creature that lurks in the natural aquifer under Phoenix.
Many of Farnsworth's horror stories stem from real-and horrific-historical events, some from the darkest, most secret imaginable truths. These include Curse of the Ship Burial, about the ancient Egyptians' worldwide naval presence and Comes the Silence, which posits a rabid right-wing takeover of America. Some stories in this volume are visceral, as The Sand Man's Henchman, Body Wagon, and Ridge Riders.
Yet the horror is often cerebral, except in hindsight when his stories' spectral ideas return to haunt the imagination. Reminiscent of the wilder visions of A. A. Merritt is The Brass Gong, and E. A. Poe might have enjoyed The Visitor. Still E. W. Farnsworth's The Wakening and Night of the Sailor Moon take the reader where no horror aficionado has ever gone before.
The reader can delve into this collection and roam in any direction at will. The sheer variety of perspectives offers much for every mood, and we hope you enjoy your discovery of the writings of E.W. Farnsworth.


Farnsworth, E. W.

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Author E. W. Farnsworth, creator of John Fulghum, PI, lives and writes in Gilbert, Arizona. The genesis of his noir character has roots in Farnsworth's personal experiences as an intelligence operative solving national security cases that ordinarily would have fallen between the cracks in police detective work. He writes, "In my experience, much of what serves for justice in America is erroneous. Criminals are not stupid, but law enforcement's habit of oversimplification forces solutions into standard patterns though counter-examples to the theories presented in our courts go overlooked. So, perpetrators go free while innocent people are punished. My works are about a dark world made a little lighter by a hero who is smart enough, connected well enough and sufficiently fearless to tip the scales of justice closer toward truth."The first two tales about John Fulghum were both international prize winners, scheduled to appear in India in new serial publications that failed to obtain funding. Later stories caught the eye of editors at Zimbell House Publishing LLC. The stories first appeared regularly in Zimbell House Publishing anthologies. Eventually, they were published in John Fulghum, PI, Mysteries Volume I and Volume II, by the same publisher.Farnsworth began writing long stories about Fulghum, drawing on his personal experiences to keep his fictions credible and cogent. Farnsworth wrote three Fulghum novels in quick succession-Blue is for Murder Volume III, The Perfect Teacher Volume IV and Finding Harry Diamond Volume V. Alongside these novels, the author continued to write new Fulghum stories and novellas, which came together with his two earliest Fulghum stories in Volume VI. Zimbell House Publishing made Volumes I through VI available in hardback late in 2018.Volume VII in the John Fulghum series, will be followed by another story collection, Volume VIII, and Volume IX, a novel about Fulghum's pursuit of Harry Diamond's twin brother.
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