Find Your True Northe

di Northe, Sarah Ilaria
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Northe, Sarah Ilaria Find Your True Northe
Northe, Sarah Ilaria - Find Your True Northe

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This guide is an antidote to the widespread poor practice in today's coaching industry, where individuals with limited self-awareness and little regard for their own projections will direct, advise, rescue and 'fix' clients in the name of coaching. A soulful approach for coaches, mentors, therapists and all members of the helping professions to realise their own full potential and that of their clients, Find Your True Northe is for those who recognise the power of a holistic approach to growth and transformation. It is clear about the need for the practitioner to walk their talk and undertake the necessary self-development to most powerfully serve their clients.You will find the guidance and wisdom within these pages to journey your own transformation as you facilitate powerful experiences for your clients. You will be taken step by step through a unique process, learning to coach at a high level of awareness which enables outstanding results for your clients. The coaching models and process offered here will enable you to develop the competencies of: Creating connection Contracting Deep and intuitive listening Creative and insightful questioning Use of self and offering feedback Facilitation of the process (including timings, environments, holding the client's agenda) The True Northe philosophy and powerful approach has been developed over several decades of life experience, therapeutic practice, spiritual enquiry, teaching, learning and creating. The author, Sarah Ilaria Northe, has drawn on thousands of hours of client work to capture a way of working that enables transformation, healing and growth. The whole approach creates a journey back to self in the most profound way.The True Northe Way is about developing you personally as the coach so that you can work more deeply with your clients. As you become more aware of the power of coaching and conscious communication, there will be times when your clients need you to hold the space to allow them to go deeper. The ability to do that requires that you have explored deeply within yourself. It doesn't matter if you are working with business leaders, managers, parents or children, or if you are working one on one with teams, couples or families. It all revolves around enabling each of us to just be ourselves - to show up in the world simply as we are. As you follow this guide, you will learn to: Listen beyond the client's words Create psychological safety and trust in the coaching relationship Use your intuition Go beyond the cognitive to the emotional dimension Unlock unconscious processes Align internal systems Enable transformation One client said: "This book has blown every other coaching book I have read clean out of the water. It's had me reading the same line ten times over, it's made me cry, say 'wow'.... 'f**k me'... and much more. At a very difficult time in my life, the words I read went straight to the core of my troubled heart."


Northe, Sarah Ilaria

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Sarah Ilaria Northe is an experienced coach, healer, trainer, supervisor, writer and founder of True Northe. Her style of transformational coaching and coach training has been developed over 20-plus years of working with a diversity of clients in a wide variety of settings. She has trained hundreds of students to become professionally accredited coaches and delivered thousands of coaching and therapeutic sessions, developing pioneering processes and honing her art to achieve outstanding results. She is the creator of the CLEARER model and the Inner Child Transformation Process and co-creator of Equine Facilitated Coaching. She and her team deliver professional programmes, retreats and workshops in a beautiful countryside setting. At the heart of her work are truly advanced skills in deep listening, creative questioning and awareness of unconscious processes. She offers high support and high challenge that are only achievable through heart level connection, robust contracting and honest communication. Her background in psychological therapies and spiritual practice enable her to create a safe and supportive space that facilitates meaningful and sustainable shifts in cognition and behaviour. She is a creative and business owner who is travelling her own journey of transformation, navigating the waters of being a parent, entrepreneur, spiritual seeker and student of creation. True Northe programmes offer participants the opportunity to find their own true north and come home to who they really are.
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