A History of the Norwegian Press, 1660-2015

di Hans Fredrik Dahl
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Hans Fredrik Dahl A History of the Norwegian Press, 1660-2015
Hans Fredrik Dahl - A History of the Norwegian Press, 1660-2015

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In the course of the nineteenth century the advent of printed pamphlets, with their news and advertisements, gave every town along Norway's long coast – populated by farmers, fishermen, clergy, businessmen and shopkeepers – a common language and a public arena for news and ideas. In Norway alone, the number of titles grew from a handful to a hundred in the course of the century. From 1900 to 1940 the number of papers swelled to two hundred and seventy – the number that remains today.
The press system created a substantial structure, which would prove vital for many of the later media outlets that developed over the twentieth century with the breakthrough of new technologies - cinema industry, radio broadcasting, television and the internet. Newspapers generated the money and power for the development of these media, thus shaping such media and determining, or at least influencing, their perception and reception in Norwegian society. The press in Norway is therefore at the core of the modern media system and its rich history.


Hans Fredrik Dahl

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Illustrations Note:
X, 283 p.

1. Introduction: The Role of the Press in a European Periphery
2. Prehistory: 1660-1799
3. The Press Pattern is Formed: 1800-1870
4. The Years of Liberalism: Prosperity and Steady Progress: 1860-80
5. The Birth of the Party Press: 1880-1920
6. An Industry in a Shrinking Market: 1920-40
7. Language, Style and Material before 1940
8. Foreign Powers, Pressures of War: 1905-40
9. Ruled by Germany: 1940-45
10. Re-Building and New Growth: 1945-55
11. Peak and Fall of the Party Press: 1955-80
12. The Press in the New Post-War World: 1945-2000
13. Capturing Readers: 1950-2000
14. From Newspaper Business to Media Conglomerate: 1980-2000
Epilogue: Newspapers in the Digital World

Provides the first English language study of the history of the Norwegian press from the seventeenth to the twenty-first century

Offers a condensed version of the widely accclaimed 4 volume “Den norske presses historie” issued in 2010

Demonstrates how the Norwegian press has undergone cycles of slump, recession, decline, death and restructuring throughout history

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Palgrave Macmillan UK
Hans Fredrik Dahl is Professor Emeritus in Media and Communication at the University of Oslo, Norway. He is formerly the cultural editor of Dagbladet, and the author of numerous books about the Second World War and Norwegian media in the twentieth century. His previous publications include a biography of Vidkun Quisling and a three-volume history of broadcasting in Norway.

1st ed. 2016
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