Sustainable Risk Management

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Springer International Publishing Sustainable Risk Management
Springer International Publishing - Sustainable Risk Management

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Here, expert authors delineate approaches that can support both decision makers as well as their concerned populations in overcoming unwarranted fears and in elaborating policies based on scientific evidence. Four exemplary focus areas were chosen for in-depth review, namely:- The scientific basis of risk management- Risk management in the area of environmental and ecological policy- Risk management in radiation medicine- Risk management in context with digitalization and roboticsGeneral as well as specific recommendations are summarized in a memorandum. Fundamental thoughts on the topic are presented in the introductory part of the book. The idea for and contents of the book were developed at a workshop on “Sustainable Risk Management: How to manage risks in a sensible and responsible manner?” held in Feldafing at Lake Starnberg (Germany) on April 14 to 16, 2016. The book offers important information and advice for scientists, entrepreneurs, administrators and politicians.

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XXII, 285 p. 64 illus.
Part I: Fundamental Thoughts.- Risk Management from the Perspective of Catholic Social Ethics (Markus Vogt).- Distributed Responsibility in Risk Governance (Andreas Klinke and Ortwin Renn).- Economic Growth: Opportunity or Risk (Michael von Hauff).- Approaching Risk Management: General Perspectives on Handling Systemic Risks (Teresa Dorfner and Adrian Straub.- Part II: The Environmental and Ecological Dimensions.- Environmental and Ecological Aspects of Sustainable Risk Management (Martin Grambow and Jane Korck).- Maxims of Risk Ethics for Sustainable Agriculture (Franz-Theo Gottwald).- Risk of sustainable water management under the threat of climate change: Towards the Nexus City (Daphne Gondhalekar, Jörg Drewes and Martin Grambow).- Risking Weather Engineering: Fiction or Contribution to Conflict Prevention? (Peter Wilderer, Helmut Fluhrer and Elena Davidova).- Contribution of neurobiology to human decision making and motivation (Stefan Braune).- More Sustainability in Cardiovascular Prevention -Holistic, Practice-Oriented Approaches Taking into Account Environmental Topics (Ulrich Hildebrandt).- Part III: The Medical Radiation Dimension.- Introduction and Position Statements (Michael Belau et al.).- The biological foundations of risks from ionizing radiation exposures: How understanding associated effects will help their quantification and mitigation (Georg Iliakis).- The carcinogenic risk in radiation medicine (Klaus Ruediger Trott).- Benefit and Risks of Screening for Breast Cancer (Sylvia Heywanger-Köbrunner).- “Radiation effects” in patient treatment (Michael Flentje and Michael Molls).- Risk Management in Radiation Medicine: Administrative, legal and ethical aspects of research in radiation medicine in Germany (Ursula Nestle and Peter Lukas).- Dealing with risks in modern medicine, effective communication included (Claudia Peter).- Part IV: The Technical Dimension.- Sustainable Risk Management concerning Technics, Robotics and Cyber-Systems (Max Rossmann and Tobias Hafner).- Complexity, Risk and Technoscience (Klaus Mainzer).- Risking the Future of Automotive (Gernod Spiegelberg).- The Smart City Concept: A review concerning sustainable risk-management (Michael Kelnberger).- Dark Clouds over the Digital World (Daniela Korhammer and Konstantin Grambow).- Sustainable Risk Management in Business (Martin Steger).- Part V: Memorandum.- General Recommendations and Explanations.- Specific Recommendations and Explanations. 
Wilderer, Peter A.;Wilderer
Renn, Ortwin;Renn
Grambow, Martin;Grambow
Molls, Michael;Molls
Mainzer, Klaus;Mainzer
Includes memorandum with recommendations for scientists, entrepreneurs, administrators and politicians

Written by experts

Important reading for meeting global challenges

Includes supplementary material:

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