Photodynamic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: From Basics to Clinical Practice

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Springer International Publishing Photodynamic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: From Basics to Clinical Practice
Springer International Publishing - Photodynamic Therapy in Veterinary Medicine: From Basics to Clinical Practice

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This pioneering book offers an introduction to photodynamic therapy, a promising new approach in the treatment of complex diseases like cancer and microbial infections in animals. Addressing all aspects, ranging from basics to clinical practice, it presents the history and fundamentals of photodynamic therapy for non-experts. It includes a collection of basic and clinical studies in cancer and infectious diseases, as well as illustrations of successful treatment procedures and future perspectives and innovative applications involving nanotechnology and advanced drug delivery. This valuable resource offers readers insights into how the therapy works and how to apply it effectively in daily practice.

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XV, 228 p. 69 illus., 66 illus. in color.
History of Photodynamic Therapy.- Photophysical and photochemical mechanisms.- Photosensitizers.- Molecular damage.- Cellular damage.- Systemic effects.- Multimodality dosimetry.- How to enter PDT in the clinical practice?.- Basic studies in cancer PDT.- Clinical applications of cancer PDT.- Basic studies in antimicrobial PDT.- Clinical applications of antimicrobial PDT.- Other practices in PDT.- Future perspectives.
Sellera, Fábio Parra;Sellera
Nascimento, Cristiane Lassálvia;Nascimento
Ribeiro, Martha Simões;Ribeiro
Describes the history and discusses the essentials of the photodynamic therapy

The first book to guide veterinarians in photodynamic therapy from basics to practice

Clarifies how light and drugs can be combined to treat infectious and cancer diseases

Presents the newest and most advanced studies and perspectives using nanotechnology, drug and light delivery systems, environmental control, blood disinfection, and photo-immunotherapy

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Springer International Publishing
FP Sellera received his DVM degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Universidade Metropolitana de Santos in 2010 and his MSc in Sciences from the University of São Paulo, where he is currently finishing his PhD research, in 2014. His main research interest is in Clinical Microbiology with an emphasis on Therapeutics. Since 2010 he has been working on antimicrobial photodynamic therapy in Veterinary Medicine as an alternative treatment approach for infections in animals.
CL Nascimento graduated from the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro with a degree in Veterinary Medicine in 1993 and received her MSc in Animal Surgery from São Paulo State University in Botucatu in 2014. She is currently head of the Veterinary Unit at Santos Aquarium, where she works on the clinical and surgical rehabilitation of aquatic and marine animals. Her research interests include the pathology and rehabilitation of wild and marine animals, animal surgery and photodynamic therapy. MS Ribeiro received her BSc degree in Physics from the University of Campinas in 1987 and her PhD in Sciences from the University of São Paulo in 2000. She is currently a Senior Researcher at the IPEN-CNEN/SP, where she works in the field of Biomedical Optics (Biophotonics) with a focus on optical therapy and nanomaterials. Her research interests include tissue optics, photobiomodulation and photodynamic therapy.
"This well-written and easy-to-read book informs the veterinary community about the possibilities of PDT. The editor and authors have done a fantastic job compiling a well-rounded and informative book on its use in veterinary medicine, the first of its kind. In the age of discovery and evidence-based medicine, this book stands to improve the understanding of, and thereby increase the use of, PDT in veterinary medicine." (Kathryn M. Fleming, Doody's Book Reviews, June, 2017)

1st ed. 2016
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