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Victorinox 6.7903.14 knives

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 19,89 Tutti i prezzi includono l'IVA. Spedizione gratuita
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You can have the juiciest steak in the world. But if you don’t have an easy way to cut it, your gourmet meal becomes a task rather than a pleasure to eat. Fortunately, Victorinox has some terrific steak knives on the market. They add an attractive element to your table setting. And they are functional, able to cut steak and other meat effortlessly. The gaucho, or Hispanic cowboy as some call them, is an expert on steak and their style of knife was the biggest source of inspiration for our team to create a new knife. They use larger blades and a steak knife with a straight cut. In this manner we developed a special 14 cm straight blade to meet the need of a modern gaucho, which will be a great addition to table sets around the world. The knife is available with a rosewood or a fibrox handle.

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Victorinox 6.7903.14. Lunghezza: 25 cm, Larghezza: 2,9 cm, Altezza: 1,6 cm. Colore del manico: Nero, Colore della lama: Acciaio inossidabile